Burning at 1x with 1213S


Just wondering if its possible for burn at 1x using Nero6 or Alcohol 120% with the Lite-On 1213S. Seems I can only get 4x,6x and 8x?

PS. Tried a search but it was leaving out the 1x from the search? :confused:

What media are you using?

Ritek G04, does it make a difference?

No, newer burners do not support 1X burning.
If your having problems, get better media.

Oh right :confused: Thanks

The media codes as displayed in Omnipatcher, go down only to 2.4x (+R), 2x (-R) and 1x for RW.

While you could tick the boxes for 2x or even 1x, I doubt that the result would be pretty, if it even allowed it.

Correction - as a thread that slipped to the next page said.

Selecting 2x doesn’t work, as there is no strategy for it - if you wanted to attempt 2x on G04, you’d have to try codeswapping it to G03, but probably better to look for successful G04@??? swaps, in order to get a better 4x

Well the slowest speed possible on the +r format is 2.4x anyway…