Burning at 16 than stopped, same medium?

I installed Nero yesterday am with a new burner (hi val, comes out as atapi in device manager, 40x12x48). Burned audio CDs (on CD Rs) all day at 16x (the max on the cd) w/ no problem. Good quality. Suddenly, couldn’t, had timeout error at around 48% (was burning from image to drive). Doesn’t matter what I do now, can’t burn at 16x (been up all night on this). Uninstalled, reinstalled hardware and software. Can burn at 4,8,12 w/ same medium. Tried a different cd that has max 32 at 16, couldn’t. Did manage one late last night at 16 on different cd w/ 24 max capability. And after the command timeout error, the program freezes up and ejection becomes impossible as it says that InCD is accessing drive.

Really need help – have to get work done before Monday and have had no sleep at all.


Check if DMA is set for this drive. Also check your master/slave settings just to be sure.