Burning Appz Cant Detect My Burner!

I have a serous problem – burning appz like nero cannot detect my burner. I dont know what is wrong but I already hate so much the XP shitty shits. I have tried everything as help that could be found online – updating USB drivers, founding drivers for XP for my HP burner, reinstalling it …
With windows explorer i DO see my external drive, however even with the built in XP burnining soft i cannot burn. When i was on windows 98 i had NO problems using any burning app with my HP cd-writer cd4e . Now on XP, the only thing that works is the burning software that comes with the HP CD – Record NOw. It does burn, however does not have options at all, and i like to use appz like nero for audio and Clone CD for copyrighted… And now i am stuck with the HP’s Record now. The audio CDs that it makes are awful, plus there are no options like in nero to normalize, remove the hiss (diff filters) of the mp3z that are about to be recorded to an Audio CD. If anybody has a solution — PLEASE, PLEASE post it here – i will be very , very thankful.

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have you installed nero ?
it doesnt sound like it.

try disabling the IMAPI service in the control panel > services

then uninstall the HP burn now crap.

then install or re-install nero.

Well, yes, i did istalle nero, old versions, the newest version, tried installing and uninstalling it and all that but it does not help.
As for disableing IMAPI ??/ Not sure what that is. What i just did was (according to one thread) on my devise manger i went to IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers and there i was supposed to uninstall the one that is corresponding to my burner drive. Well i was not sure which one was it but i had 3 options: Itel® 8280 1 CAM ULTRA ATA Storage controller, Primary IDE Channel, and Secondary IDE channel. So what i did was i uninstalled my Secondary IDE channel, after i reboted XP did its shit and reinstalled everything automatically, then i rebooted. Then i installed newest nero and reboted and it still does not work. If i am with the old nero it is not recognizing a recorder, with the new one … it does not give me recognition prob but keeps saying that my media is not writble. I tried installing all the popular burners and they keep saying that there is no recordable device. Wneh i run my pc doctor - the SCSI and the USB tests fail. On top of everything HP RecordNow is working. And i hate is cuz its a piece of crap. It has no filters as nero when creating music cds which makes it useless. Just for urning movies.

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