Burning Appz Cant Detect My Burner!

I have a serous problem – burning appz like nero cannot detect my burner. I dont know what is wrong but I already hate so much the XP shitty shits. I have tried everything as help that could be found online – updating USB drivers, founding drivers for XP for my HP burner, reinstalling it …
With windows explorer i DO see my external drive, however even with the built in XP burnining soft i cannot burn. When i was on windows 98 i had NO problems using any burning app with my HP cd-writer cd4e . Now on XP, the only thing that works is the burning software that comes with the HP CD – Record NOw. It does burn, however does not have options at all, and i like to use appz like nero for audio and Clone CD for copyrighted… And now i am stuck with the HP’s Record now. The audio CDs that it makes are awful, plus there are no options like in nero to normalize, remove the hiss (diff filters) of the mp3z that are about to be recorded to an Audio CD. If anybody has a solution — PLEASE, PLEASE post it here – i will be very , very thankful.

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are you connecting the usb burner directly to the computer or through a hub? sometimes usb devices like scanners have to be connected directly and not through a hub in order to be recognized. its worth a try and make sure that you have the latest version of nero or other burning software you want to use if your recorder is fairly new older versions of the software may not support it.

I am not sure what a hub is … but I am just connecting my burner to the USB port at the back of my laptop. Yes i have the latest nero, plus my burner is not from the newest it is a 4X4X20. With windows 98 ive never ever had a problem. Tried shutting down laptop, disconn cables, all that, reinstalling drivers… but nothing seems to help.

the only supported HP 4x4x20 burner listed at nero’s web site is a scsi not a usb.

one thought though is the copy of XP you have been updated? when XP first came out it had problems with USB and a patch was released to fix that problem. if your copy of Xp hasnt been patched then it might be the problem

Where can I and what patch do i need to install?

Windows update should tell you if you need the patch or not try going to it and see what update tells you that you need

I just updated my XP – 6 updates, i did not do those tons of security pathches as they seemed insignificant to me in relevance to the software, and rebooted … and everthing as required and … NO ChANGE.

Does the nero info tool list your drive?

start/programs/ahead/nero toolkit/info tool

I would say to disable the imapi service that is running and see if the problem goes away. start run , control panel, services,(I am on a 98 box right now:( ). Look for the service that says IMAPI and shut it down. This causes some problems here and there.

Yes, i have just checked – my IMAPI has already been disabled (probably earlier on when i customize my startup progz, cu i don allow anything else apart from my antyvirus to start up) So the IMAPI is stopped and the problem persists. Any other advices

I did install the ASPI and it is not working:

please check the URL and see my screenshots (i couldnt figure out how to paste them here in this forum)