Burning and Ripping speed

Hi all,

I just joined this form last night, so tell me if this question has already been answerd. I have a Dell 3.2g with 512 DDR2, using a NEC 3500 burner with Liggy & Dee’s ND-3500 LDV2 BETA 6 firmware. I am currently using Memorex DVD-R 8x media.

My first problem is that it takes about an hour to ripp a full length DVD using DVD Shrink. I have read that you need to enable DMA on the drive to make it run faster. When I go to do that the advanced TAB in the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers is not there. Is there any other way to enable DMA? And is there any thing else I can do to make ripping faster?

My second problem is that every single DVD I have burned (Nero 6.3) take 41 minutes. It does not matter what speed I choose. I can choose 2x, to 12x and it still takes 41 stinking minutes. I see everybody here burning so much quicker. I have not had any bad burns, so the quality is not a factor.

Thanks in advance for the help
And Sorry if these problems have been answered, I have searched, but with no luck.

defenetly sounds like a DMA issue to me

I can’t figure out how to turn on the DMA for the burner. Can anyone out there help me out?

did you look at the link i posted http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

if you have nero installed use cd speed you can do 2 tests that will help nail this down:

  1. transfer rate test on a dvd you have already created. hit f2 to start
  2. create data disc this needs a blank and will waste that blank f9 to start
    in the top right corner one of the items will allow you to save a pic to attach to a post so we can see it

Here is the first test that you asked for. Not very good. This was off of the first DVD that I burned after I Updated the Firmware

Here is the second test that you had me run.

Acko. I looked at the link. I did everything they said, but I don’t have a secondary controller. I am guessing that that is the problem. How do you fix it?

Thanks for all the help

Are you reading a pressed single layer DVD with the first test? Run the CPU Usage under Run Test. If the CPU load is very high, then you need to check for DMA issues. My CPU load at 8X is 46% (600 MHz PIII).

I know I have DMA issues. When I use the Nero tool box, it says that my DMA is off. When I tried to turn it on, I found out that I have a Primary control, but I don’t have a secondary control. I am just a novice when it comes to this kind of thing, but I think my secondary control is the one that I need to have on to make my burning quicker.

As for the first test I did, I just put in a already copied DVD, and hit F2.

You probably need to go into the BIOS and turn on the secondary channel. And since you have a DELL, why not just call their tech support and have them guide you thru the process.

After all is said and done. You can then run CD Speed and press F6 [or now for that matter] and hopefully you will have a reading around 22 MB/sec. THEN, you could run the speed test and see what transpires.

Ok I think it is fixed now!!! Thanks to all of the help here I :bow: to you guys. Here are the two test I did F9 and F2 in nero. It looks much better then my first few test. So I guess it was the DMA, because I finally got it turned on. :bigsmile:

what kind of hardware do you have?
how did you enable it?

My burner is a NEC 3500. I am not really sure on how I enabled the DMA. I went into Setup, and the only change I made was that I changed a setting from Ignore to manufactures recommendation. When I reboted, and pulled up Nero tool kit, DMA was on.

thats scary…

try one other thing F6 is the burst transfer rate, you don’t need a screen shot just post the reading.

I will do that when I go home for lunch. I thought I already did it, but I must not have posted it.
are my times comparable to your times?
Last night I ripped a DVD in apprx. 30minutes, and burnt it in apprx 6. That sounds good to me. I was using the crappy Memorex media also.
Again thanks for all your help!


Those are pretty good times (36 minutes total) - so it looks like you are on your way to good burns-

Suggestion - if you use good medias - you will probably get good burns and if you use crap medias - you will probably get crap burns-


nah, you don’t need to post it as around 6 minutes is a good time. for reference it will probably be 22 or 23 MB/sec.

also, the ‘START’ button will run all of tests in case you are interested in the rest of the numbers.

Thanks Mike,
Everyone says that Memorex is crap, but I bought is before I heard that. On the plus side I haven’t got one bad burn off of the 25 count spindle I bought, and I only have 2 left. I have a second 25 count spindle that I bought at the same time ($9.99 each). So if I start getting coasters, I will only be out a few bucks.