Burning and playing ISO/UDF image using Clone DVD

Hi, any idea why the two different dvd players I have won’t play the movie burnt to a DVD +R from an ISO/UDF image created earlier using CloneDVD. I have two different ISO/UDF images and I have problems in playing both of them with a Toshiba and Smasung DVD player. the only. All I get is “Disc Error”. The CloneDVD2 version and AnyDvd Version is The DVD writer is an NEC ND1100A (rev 10GE).
Any help is much appreciated…Many Thanks

holy cow you need an update! this version is more than 2 YEARS out of date.

Don’t understand how a version ugrade will help if the original ISO/UDF image was created using the vesions I stated and used to burn to a DVD. Anyhow will upgrade AnyDvd and let you know. Cheers

Whether it helps or not is beside the question, you should still update your program. Do your players normally recognized DVD+Rs? Might try to booktype them for better compatable…

Yes, set the DVD to burn, using the booktype, to switch the DVD+R to be recognized as a DVD-ROM, and certainly update AnyDVD to the most recent version. The update is needed, as copy protections sometimes change once every week or two. :stuck_out_tongue: The newest AnyDVD is 6031. :wink:

ok guys, thanks very much for your comments. My DVD burner is an older model internal IDE DVD +RW and I had a sneaky suspision that the problem lies with the DVD’s I am using. Now I know the DVD drive can be fooled by changing booktype, the question now is how? Sorry guys but I am no where as technical as you guys. Thanks

For your NEC ND-1100 drive, I think the only booktype bitsetting firmware is from Herrie.

Do not worry about the drive being converted to an ND-1300 and able to write DVD-R(W)'s now. This is a firmware-only limitation that is removed…worked on my ND-2100 which is now an ND-2510.

If you don’t like Herrie’s firmware, you can always flash back to Dell’s 10GE firmware. Not sure if you’ll need to run Liggy’s Drive Converter first, so here’s the link.