Burning and Entitling DVDs with Nero : Questions



Hi there.

I just purchased my NEC 2500A and have some basic questions regarding the burn process.

I’ve decided to use the latest Nero to burn my DVDs and what I have to ask are the following :

  1. I read in the GUIDE that in order to ensure compatibility, the title of the DVD should be in Caps lock without spaces. Does this apply for DVD Video only ? Or do I have to use it in my data DVDs as well ?

  2. Which of the available profiles by Nero should I use for a data DVD ? DVD-ROM (ISO), DVD-ROM (UDF) or DVD-ROM (UDF+ISO) ? And how should I set the settings for each of these profiles ? (What I want is be able to have large filenames and I don’t care that much about the DVD title)

BTW, can anyone explain briefly the difference between those 3 profiles ?

I’ll come back with more questions if something comes up…

Thanks in advance for any help.


O.K. I hope this helps

  1. Titles should be in caps lock then burning dvd video’s, as some players don’t like long titles. If it’s just for normal pc data then you can use long titles.

  2. UDF is a type of packet writing used on re-writable CD’s so they act more like a (VERY) big floppy disc. Files can me added, deleted and modified as and when you feel like. UDF+ISO makes one bit “editable” and another static (like a normal ISO disc).
    If you don’t want to use UDF (and it’s not really that popular) then stick to plain ISO.


Thanks for helping me out.

So, why should someone use UDF on a DVD+R (or a CD-R) which are not rewritable ? From what you said it seems like there’s no reason in using UDF in these kind of media. However, almost every guide on the net that describes how to burn DVD-Video on a DVD+R or DVD-R suggests using the UDF+ISO option…


UDF will allow for on the fly operations like drag and drop from explorer. It will use up all the free space on the disc eventually because deleting or overwriting simply removes the refence point to the original file. It’s simply a convenience thing.


Yes I understand that, but why would someone use the UDF on a DVD+R disk since it is not rewritable ? Maybe I’m missing something ?