Burning an incomplete iso movie image?



I have a 1.32 gigabyte iso file which hasn’t finished downloading yet. I wanted to know if I could just burn the 50% that I have now and see what it looks like. Will it still play the 50% that I have?


i’m going with no. an image needs to be intact for any part of it to work as far as i know.


I know there was a program to view .avi files that were incomplete, so I thought there might be a program to do something similar to a .iso file.


an avi file is a media file though. if you can watch part of it that means it’s downloading sequentially.

this isn’t true of an image file and even if it is downloading “in order” per se, there’s nothing you can do with it until the complete image is there.

at least that’s my understanding.

also, i’d be careful about asking about downloaded movies on this forum. if it’s anything commercial you should probably stop here.


Agree with reasonsnotrules.

The legal aspects away, when you download torrents or from eMule the file consist of many, maybe thousand parts. Therefore the ISO image is not complete until the last piece/part of that file is on your HDD.