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I’m not sure this is the right section to post it but I’ve download a movie in Pal system and after unrar came out as a img file.I did some reserch to find out how to burn it but did not work out nicely.Nero won’t take it as a video image file and burn it as a data copytodvd same and some advice said to extract the file in video and audio folder and burn it with copyto dvd.Audio folder came out empty with winiso the only one solution I found I’ve converted img to a classical iso with MagicIso and Nero burnt it as a video image file but my dvd player could not match the speed ( I’m in region 1 NTSC).But the same dvd works very well on computer and the sound on 5.1 is even better.If anybody has some advice thanx for help.I’m using two computers one with WinXP Pro 2.7 Ghz 512 MB of RAM Pioneer 108 DVD burner and a new Sony Vaio 3.4 Ghz 1Gb of Ram Win XP Media Centre Sony D22A Dvd burner.On both the last Nero Version DVD and VSO complete burning package.


The AUDIO_TS folder should be empty, it’s superfluous but some players choke if it isn’t there. So you’re certain your player can’t handle PAL discs and output to NTSC? Your remote doesn’t have a button like “P/N” or something?

You may be interested in this:



My player is not very old but is not working on Pal.But the dvd works on dvd rom and is set for region one and I have no region free software install.


You can burn a .img file by first loading it onto a ‘clone-drive’ ( available from clonecd) and copy to a dvd using clone DVD. Make a recovery point ( in XP ) first because you may get a problem with the sound after instalation and need to undo it. I’ve been told that you can also just change the suffex to .iso and that will work. ( never tried that).
I assume region means USA !. Almost all TV related equiptment sold in the USA is only sutable to play NTSC, you don’t have anything else so why include the option for PAL? In Europe we have always had more than one TV system ( PAL-SECAM) and because we also import direct from the USA our systems are built to play them all. The only way you can play a PAL will be to convert it in someway to NTSC. RIP and rebuild.


Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been busy.Thanx for help and I totally agree about multisystems tvs or dvd players.Localy is not an issue like in Europe.One vcr a few years ago was about $150 only NTSC one multisystem VCR was $700 and converting PAL/NTSC was a good job for some time.Now with the dvd players the old generation has a price like $50 and only NTSC the new generation dvd player and writer with hard drive and multisystem is more expensive and I did not find the budget yet but I work on it.About the problem with the VSO DivX to DVD I think I found the problem.If the movie roots are PAL and the converting start on automatic is going to force PAL so I end-up having a PAL movie on my DVD NTSC player.Works on the computer because almost all the players like Power DVD and so on works on PAL.Switching the DivX to DVD from automatic to force NTSC fixed the problem for me.