Burning an Edited Video to RAM to play on Player

VDR-D150 DVD Camcorder and Panasonic RAM Recorder / Player

I have been told that it is impossible to edit and burn a video to a RAM disc which can be played on my Panasonic RAM Recorder / Player ------ and so it has proved so far.

This is a real pain especially because my (fairly recent) Combo Player / Recorder only takes RAM and -R (not -or + RW). I could hardly believe it was true, it greatly reduces the usefulness of RAM.

The edited video on a RAM disc will play on the computer. (It will play on a -R disc on the Player / Recoder, but I wouuld rather not use non-rewritable-R). A video can be transferred from a mini DVD RAM to the computer and then without editing transferred to a full size RAM disc and will play on the Recorder.

For a while it seemed -RW Discs would not play on the Recorder which always said that the disc was not recognised, but when I found the mini -RW from the Camcorder did play after finalising I tried copying its files to computer then buning as an ISO image with Image Burn and that worked. Please note, I only have a sketchy idea of what I am talking about here. I burned with ISO only because Image Burn told me to. Full marks to the program for that.

But I have not yet written a video edited on the computer to a RAM disc (which I most want to do) which plays on my Player / Recorder.

Will I eventually find a way to do this? And can someone explain to me why I am having some success with ISO burning, as it is helpful to know why something works.