Burning an avi to DVD


I had a movie which was in .avi file format which i converted to dvd format using DVDsanta.

I then burned it to DVD using Nero @ 4x speed.

Half way through, the sound seemed to cut out and for a few minutes throughout the film, it was pausing and blocky too (A bit like a weak signal on Sky Digital if you know what i mean).

I erased the avi file so i couldnt watch the rest of the film!

I now have anotehr film again on avi format. Can someone please help me as i wanna burn this to DVD also. What to do and what not to do?


Try a different brand of media, preferably big brands or famous media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or maybe Sony.
I don’t know DVDsanta, but Nero has an own avi to DVD application called Nero Vision, you might just try that one.

I use Ritek Ice White brand. G05 Dye

G05 media is your problem, use better ones.

And Ritek G05 media is prone to bad quality control and fast degradation. If you have any valuable data on G05 (especially budget price G05) backup it to other discs now.

Thanks for the help, could you please recommend me some Brands and Dye also?

The best is taiyo yuden (easier to fine in online stores).

Then another excellent choice is verbatim media (avoid the “pearl white” series; it have low quality).

What burner do you have? If you have a 8x burner, then don’t buy 16x media; they are bad supported by firmwares.

I have an 8x NEC Burner

Then I suggest you to buy only 8x or 4x media, because 16x media can be badly supported by your firmware. These firmwares are not more updated :frowning:

I suggest you to search for these media as soon as possible because these days are a little more difficult to find because of the wider availablity of 16x media.

Thanks for you help,much appreciated.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: