Burning an audio cd

Is there a way to burn an audio cd But it keeps all the titles and artists Instead of it saying Track1 and so on.

With CD-Text support, yes, but the majority of players don’t support it.

Most current writers and their software support CD-text, but it seems most player software and most CD-ROMs don’t.

Oh ok, cause i was hoping that i could burn a cd w/ text and it works on players…thanks for the iinfo

yes there is a way!
I tried it with easy CD creator and Toast and Jam and it won’t work. They just copy the tracks. In addition Toast and Jam’s help specifically says it won’t do this exact thing so I know it can be done cause they answered my question and know what I’m talking about.
I see lots of CD’s that have the info on there, that are mostly from the majors…Some have copyright protection on them by using the CDS series from macrovision. not sure how much that costs to license. BUt i know there is another way to do it. Would require some hand coding and finding a stand alone player, OR finding other software that will let you do it. There used to be a software alled Cactus that would let you do it, looks like it was made by Mid Bar Tech out of ISreal? and then that company was bought out by Macrovision and teh name of teh software got changed to CDS. so if you can find someone with a copy of cactus you may have a shot at this or…Discmakers offers the service for $50…so obviously there are people who know how to do this!

The only other option would be to just not have it burn to the CD and instead use the online CDDB database. but that screws with fans who don’t have internet access or don’t want to connect to the internet for whatever reason…

Hope this helps

Nero can write CD-Text when you make an audio CD.

But… most CD-ROM’s and software don’t fully support CD-Text, so it will probably only benefit you if you have a CD player which can display CD-Text.