Burning an audio CD with NeroCmd

I want to know if there is a way to create an audio cd
with multiple tracks without having to write the full path
to every song.

nerocmd --write --drivename D --speed 8 --audio C:\dir\dir2\dir3\Track1.mp3
C:\dir\dir2\dir3\Track2.mp3 C:\dir\dir2\dir3\Track3.mp3 … and so on.

instead I would like to use
C:\dir\dir2\dir3*.mp3 (wildcards)
C:\dir\dir2\dir3 rack1.mp3;track2.mp3;track3.mp3

(hopefully you will understand me…)

is there a way???


There’s no need to sweat anymore boys.
I solved the problem.

If you first “cd” your way to the DIR where you keep the audio files you wanna burn.
from there it looks like this:

C:\dir1\dir2\dir3>nerocmd --write --real --drivename D --spped 8 --audio track1.mp3 track2.mp3 track3.mp3 … and so on.

It was too simple… =)

Hope I helped someone else with this information.
See Ya!!