Burning an alcohol 120% (safedisc protected) image

I made an image of my safedisc protected game using Alcohol 120%. When I mount the image, it works perfect.

Now I want to burn the image back on an cd, agian using Alcohol 120%. I select the proper protection (safedisk) in the checkbox and the cd has been copied. When I test the copied cd, after a while the game crashed with a fatal error (it didn’t start up at all).

What is going wrong?

when you mount a image file…the software creates a perfect “cd-rom/back-up”

But it could be that your real cd-burner is not able to burn it that way.

Which CD-RW burner do you have?

The brand of the burner is a Sony DRU-10A.

512 MB
Maxtor 120 GB 7200

Sony DRU-510A is not a 120% burner. Please use the SafeDisc 2 datatype (with Bypass EFM Error enabled).

I mentioned the wrong burner. I have the Sony DW-U10A.

According to the Alcohol site this burner is supported by Alcohol.

Even if a device is supported in Alcohol this does not mean that this device is capable of handeling all copy protections. In SD2 for example your drive needs to be EFM capable if not you will not be able to create a working back up, some drives can do this with the Enable EFM option but not all drives.

Its like expecting an un moddified playstation to play a backup disc… it will not do it

There is a list of known drives and their EFM capability on the Alcohol Support Forum, i suggest you check it out. if you drive is not listed then download the test that you can find there and test your drive, let support at Alcohol have your results and they can then add your drive to the list and state if it is or is not EFM capable.