Burning an 8GB file to a DVD+R DL?


I am trying to burn a 8GB backup file to a Double Layer DVD+R, but am having some problems trying to make it fit. Ironically the DVD is 8.5GB, however I am a mere 40mb too large.

ISO only has a 4GB limitation, so that wont work.

UDF on the other hand has so much overhead that it used the other 500mb up on my disc!

Any ideas how I can get this file to fit? Are there any other formats out there that do not have so much overhead?

Like I said before it is a backup file (for Acronis True Image software). For that reason I do NOT want to compress it. If I ever need to restore the image (from DOS), I cannot uncompress it.

I appreciate any suggestions!

PS. I am using the latest version of Nero to do my burning.

UDF is a file system, it doesn’t make files bigger or smaller. On the other hand, an 8.5GB disc can only hold 7.92 real gigabytes, where 1GB equals 1,073,741,824 bytes.

Yes, I realize that UDF is a file system. It just has so much overhead, that I was wondering if there was another file system with less overhead.

Good point with the real GB to actual space conversion. I forgot about that. Looks like I am SOL, unless I can find a easy way to compress my archives! Kind of burns me that it is only 40MB, but space is space!

I still don’t see what you mean by UDF having an overhead.

Now that I made some research, I think Acronis supports direct DVD backup and can split the backup file. You don’t need Nero to do the burning. And two single layer DVDs will hold this amount of data, because their added capacity is bigger than that of one dual layer disc.

What about compressing the stuff on the disc.