Burning always fails...power calibration errors

lately, since I changed media, burning always fails. But, Ive also burned 40 dvd’s perfectly with this media. Its named Supermedia btw. I have a Lite-On LWD451S which WAS modded to a LWD851 via the firmware

I tried burning with DVD Decrypter, Nero, ImgTool, all give similar errors. Writing the leadin takes feckin ages, around 12 minutes mostly, then the burn continues as usual and at the end I get an “burn failed” error. I forgot to save logs, and Im not about to waste more media. I never burned a coaster before.

The steps I undertook to try and fix this are:

-change HAL from ACPI Uniprocessor to Advanced Power bla bla, u know what I mean
-change various bios options
-more voltage to the chipsets and cpu
-revert the modded LWD851 back to its original state, with official firmware

all to no avail.

Im kinda desperate, I need to burn fast, hdd full, so any suggestions would be awesome

check if dma is enabled
install forceaspi 1.7, google for it, do NOT install 1.8.
deinstall any package writing software installed.

try a burn

dma was already enabled, forgot to mention. I did install forceaspi, also no luck, another falure. no packet writing apps installed.

I have a log of that last burn, which u can get here

thanks for the help sofar :slight_smile:

edit: I removed the key from the log, ofcourse (Nero install key)

deinstall all apps that use or install deamon driver like alcohol120% and other deamon tools. so get rid of all virtual drivers.
also deinstall roxio burning software if installed.
also try connecting the drive to a different ide channel.
master is always best

Originally posted by dmmh
lately, since I changed media, burning always fails…

What is your media then…? Use this tool and post full media info.


it has media id code 001 :Z

anyways, went to the neighbours, got me a princo dvd-r and that burned without any flaws. so I guess it is the media after all

thanks for the help guys