Burning alot of MP3 tracks - 1 CD

OK, I’m using Nero version and I’m just now learning how to utilize the smaller size of MP3 tracks so I can get alot of tracks onto one CD.

So, I thought I’d experiment by backing up a 2 CD set onto one CD by converting all the tracks to MP3 and then burning them onto a disc…it didn’t work!

There are 32 tracks, and all of them together are only 137 megs.
When I tried using my Nero Burning Rom to put them all on a CD, the prog said I didn’t have enough space on my 700 meg CD.

So, how do you burn 137 megs of MP3 music onto a 700 meg CD?
Obviously, I’m missing something here since this is my first rodeo :doh:

Nevermind…I did a search and found out I had to burn a data cd and the MP3 player that I play the CD on has to decode it.

I burned one just moments ago and put it in the CD-Rom of my computer and Windows Media Player picked it right up and started playing the tracks.

I should really research before asking my question.
Apparantly, it actually helps to read the instructions :rolleyes:

So, I’ll go out in the shop in the morning and try it out on my new CD/MP3 boombox and see how it works.

Thanks, guys!