Burning ALOT of data over multiple discs?



Hey all. I was wondering if there was a program (or way) for me to burn alot of data over multiple discs. I am starting my own local computer service and one of the things I offer are data backups/recovery.

I am currently parsing through the file directory manually burning it in Nero; attempting to optimize for maximum disc capacity as I go. My last job was 22GB spanning across 6 DVDs (I was a little inefficient for the sake of keeping the file structure intact).

However, is there a utility that I can use to burn an entire backup automatically? I would ideally like it to work like this:

-I drag and drop the files into Program X
-I hit burn
-When a DVD fills up all the way I am prompted for the next one
-When the customer puts the DVD into their drive they get a prompt for where they would like to extract their files
-When all of that DVD’s contents are on the HDD they are prompted to insert the next disc (similar to multi disc PC games)

It seems like there HAS to be something like that on the market. And I apologize if this has already been posted on. I had no idea what search terms to use :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Anyone? (bump)


Hmm, could you discribe the type of data you are backing up?


Pictures…music…video…useless system files. You name it! :slight_smile:

I want to be able to take raw data of any form and toss it onto CDs or DVDs using an automated process. As mentioned above it would be sweet if I could take 22GB of misc files and essentially drag and drop them within my burning program, select my target disc size (750MB/4.5GB/9GB), and have the program “chop” the data into the correct size chunks.

When the user is ready to get their data back they can insert the “Lead disc” (1st burnt) and choose a directory to extract all of the information.

This might be too specialised a task for a program to do, but I have already been informed that using something like Windows Installer using .cab files might work.

Ideas? Opinions?


Any back up software can do this.

Namely Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image.

You can do whole system back ups, or partial file only back ups. There are licenses available for business users. I prefer True Image. Works 2x faster than Ghost and has a smaller CPU hit.