Burning alot of cds

someone in here said the other day that if you burn out a burner you are using it for ilegal purposes… i haveone question to the person what happens if you use the drive everyday for making tools / testing. you do know reading cds wears out the drive ALSO.

i’d like to see what you think of people who hardly use the computer (propper computer use :Z ) the mkoral here is don’t judge people’s uses unless your prepaired to think it threw. Just because you don’t know what to do with toys of fancy you buy doesn’t mean others don’t

Especially in this day and age where you can’t use anything but cd/dvd to load / read anything… due to the files high volume sizes.

go invent something that doesn’t brake ever and say after 2 uses you must be doing something ilegal… (sarcasm)

as you can tell that coment pissed me off because it’s so ignorent and comments like that make goverments think it’s ok to take away peoples right. Due to the stupidity of the common MAN.

ok, i am not the person you are talking about, but i’ve read your thread now 3 times
but i don’t understand what you want to tell us with this?!

Hmmm, the problem with the common man seems to be not so much stupidity but arrogance and poor education =).