Burning a You Tube Video

Hi Folks. I have been having a problem trying to burn a You Tube video my organization downloaded. I’ve never tried to Burn a You Tube video before.
I have been reading many of the Posts but still I keep getting the same problem.
I first tried burning it as FLV which gave me a tiny screen of the DVD with no sound on Playback.
I then was told I need to convert it to MP4 and the same thing happened again on Playback. On this one I tried it on a trial of “Wondershare”. Wondershare said on the “Trial Burn” it would have a “Watermark”. I presume it is the Full “Wondershare Screen” which shows on Playback. However there is still the 2 inch square video with no sound.
Any idea what I may be doing wrong? Am I converting it wrong? I also tried “Freemaker”. I have A Dell with “Windows Vista”. I go to these “Tutorials” and they all give the same instructions making it sound like it’s so easy to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Phil

What format is it in now? .flv?

You can try converting to dvd-video. There are a couple of free programs for this process that should work. One is DVDFlick, which uses ffmpeg as its encoder. I’ve seen this one recommended in the past for .flv to dvd video conversions.

The other is my main tool for conversion to dvd-video, which is called AVStoDVD. When you install the program, set it up to use the HC encoder. To bring in the original file into the program, just click the green + sign on the right side of the main window in AVStoDVD.

Make sure you are making a NTSC format dvd whichever tool you use. And burn to the disc using ImgBurn.

I have ususlly used DVDFlick with good results .
You do have to consider the source is a .flv .
I will have to do one with AVStoDVD & see if I like the results.
I probably even have done that & don’t remember.

It was originally FLV. I converted it to MP4 thinking that was why it would not Burn right. Should I start over with it in FLV.? Should I start over with it in FLV Form?

Yes, start with the .flv file. Keep the number of conversions to a minimum.

Thanks a lot. I’ll start working on the info you gave me.

I tested with AVStoDVD . It did the conversion to DVD compliant with no problem.
I also tested DVDFlick but the AVStoDVD looked a bit better probably because of HCEnc’s 2-pass .
I then burned it to a DVD +RW with ImgBurn.
Played it on my LG standalone on a 46" wide screen.
It was OK but only fair quality on the video as expected.
Audio sounded fine.

Thanks a lot.

OK. I am going to try “AVStoDVD”. Do I just drag the You tube video into the Add+ after a copy and paste and click “Start”? I didn’t know if I had to mark anything else before I Burn. At the top there are several boxes such as Size, Output, Settings, and Preferences.


When you installed AVStoDVD you should have set it to use HC as the encoder, and set the program to make NTSC compliant dvd-video.

After that you click on the green + sign to import the .flv file, set a destination folder and make a name for the dvd.

Then click Start.

The default setting in AVStoDVD is to make a dvd that will fit onto a single layer dvd. (max size 4.3gb). If your flv file is really big, you might want to make a double layer sized dvd, but Youtube videos are rarely large.

I usually just click the [B]+[/B] & add the file or files I want there.
You can set a destination folder but AVS does this automatically for you as long as you have room in your documents where it creates the folder.
If your not concerned with a name you can just leave it DVD.
DVD Size = DVD-5 (4.7 GB)
Output = DVD Folder Structure
For the first try you may just want to leave the Preferences at default.
Settings may be ok at default also.
In Preferences you may want to set it like this: AC3 Audio Encoder: Wavi+Aften
I uncheck this: Force FFmpeg when temp WAV is > 4GB:
The learning curve is not too much but there is some .
I know I’ve learned more over time & I’m sure it is the same for Kerry.
The General page should look like this of course the 192kbps may be different . That is probably higher that it needs to be for a .flv conversion.

Thank you both so much for the help. I will let you know how I do or I may be getting back with you again for a question.
Everyone have a Happy New Year.

Well I attempted to Burn the You Tube video in “AVS”. I tried a Copy and Paste. That is I highlighted the Video, did a Ctrl + C and then clicked on the Green + icon and then a Folder opens saying “contents.IE5” with a combination of 8 letters and numbers. There was nothing in the folder. I then tried a Ctrl V in “File name” and I first tried “all supported types” The box filled in with what I thought was the video. When I clicked “open” I got an Error Box saying “File format not recognized”. After I close that I get another Error Box about “Temporary Files”. I then tried to change file type to FLV and it also came up with the same Errors.
Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?
Thanks, Phil

You [B]do[/B] have the downloaded video on your hard drive in flv format, yes?

All you have to do is click on the green + sign, navigate to the area on the hard drive where the file exists, click on the file to highlight it, then click Open at the bottom of the navigation window. This will enter the video file into AVStoDVD.

If this isn’t working, then your download is not done properly.

To get Youtube videos, I use an add-on in Firefox called DownloadHelper.

The add-on puts an icon in the toolbar of the browser. To use it, you go to the Youtube page with the video you want, and the icon will start rotating, indicating that it can download something here. Right click on the icon, go to Media…choose which version you want of the video, then click download. That’s it.

You’ll get either an mp4 or flv version of the video, depending on what you told the add-on to do, which can be used however you wish.

Just guessing but it sounds like you are trying to copy the “file” from your Temporary Internet Files .
Is That what you are trying to do ?
There was a time that worked well but not usually any more.
I rarely use FireFox so I don’t download videos with the same method Kerry uses.
Many have success with the FireFox method.
I use two different softwares for downloading YouTube videos .
Usually one of the two work. I use IE as my main browser.
They are :


Kerry & I both thought you already had the .flv downloaded & you were working with that. You need an actual video file first . VLC player is good to test a file with.
If VLC plays it then it should be convertible with something .
Do you have MediaInfo ?
If not it is freeware . When you install it just make sure to uncheck the toolbar it wants to install .
Then post a text or tree of the information it has on the file you are working with.

OOPS! I forgot to do that. How embarasing. Also, “AVS” talks about adding Codecs.

Also, they said AVS cannot download 2 You Tube videos at a time, but tells you how to work around that and add a second video. It says: load the multiple clips as they were multiple titles, than go to ‘Tools’/‘Join Source Title (AVS file)’. You will get one single AviSynth script file that joins the loaded clips. Is it complicated to do or does it just sound complicated. Remember, I’m new at burning DVD’s.
Thanks, Phil

Are you certain you have the correct tool? AVStoDVD does not add codecs nor does it download anything.

Here is the download site for AVStoDVD: http://sourceforge.net/projects/avstodvd/

I’ll give it a go but I think each YouTube.flv will just be another chapter or thumbnail on the same video . So not that complicated.
Which codecs ?
It hasn’t asked me to add any but I probably already had the codecs installed on my OS.

Perhaps its talking about ffdshow? I already have this Direct Show filter program installed, so I don’t ever see AVStoDVD asking about it.