Burning a wma disc

Hi everyone!!! I am new to this forum and I just have a few questions. I have a cd player in my truck and it supports wma. I really dont know much about wma, like how many songs can I fit on a single cd, how do I burn wma files, what software do I need, what is the best software,do i need a special disc, and anything else anybody can help me with. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IT IS REALLY APPRECIATED

All you should need is Nero (or Roxio or whatever you burn with…), and burn it as a data CD. You don’t need a special CD or anything, just a regular CDR.


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There are many burning softwares. One of the most popular is nero. If you want to try it you can get it from here. I suggest you to try version 6, because 7 still have some unresolved issues.

After installed, you need to burn data cd as said Arachne (see the image as reference)