Burning a vob file with Nero is really slow

Here is my situation: I used WinDvd to transform an avi file into DVD format, so on my hard drive, it saved a 2.5GB vob file. I used Nero Vision 2 to burn then the vob file on a DVD-R. The total burning time was over on hour, which is very odd cause I have a Benq 1640. My question is: how come a regular 4GB file takes less then 6 min to burn it, but the vob takes over an hour?

It sounds like nerovision may be transcoding it again, why don’t you just use nero express to burn the folder you got with windvd?

i can’t seem to find a way to burn it with Nero Express. Am I missing something? Also, Nero Vision is supposed to burn it without transcoding it again

could have saved time by starting NVE, make dvd, add the avi then go through the steps to making a dvd

Did WinDVD actually complete properly as it’s unusual for any app to make a vob that size , other than as part of the build process which will then be split down into vobs of 1gb each.