Burning a very(!) large ISO



Hello all, my very first post here.

I have a 6.7Gb ISO file that I need to burn onto a DVD, but my very limited knowledge tells me that the maximum capacity of a “normal”(?) DVD is around 4.7Gb. What type of DVD would I require to burn an image this large?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can render!


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You need a dual layer DVD and burn it with ImgBurn. BTW Verbatim +R DL media is the only one to use.


Thanks for the reply, TimC, but I’m not sure if I can get the Verbatims where I live. I’ve only seen those by HP and Panasonic. Luckily my burner is DL capable though (I just checked!) so that’s one part of the equation solved.

I assume I can also use Nero for DL burning apart from ImgBurn?


Nero can be used, but ImgBurn is a better choice. Verbatim is the top choice in DL media, HP uses CMC and it can be decent depending on the burner, Panasonic I don’t know what they use. Even some of the otherwise dependable brands like Sony and Maxell use Ritek and RICOHJPN media for their DL discs, neither of which perform very well. If you can’t get Verbatim and still need DL, then the HPs may be worth a try. Another option would be to shrink the data to fit onto a Single Layer disc, which is what most people tend to do because of the much lower cost of SL discs. I’d suggest DVD Shrink.


Either you can use the DL disc for having the large DVD file as suggested or use DVDShrink or Nero Recode to shrink this file to fit into regular SL dvd disc and burn it with Nero Burning ROM or ImagBurn programs.


Hhhmmm…I wasn’t aware that one could shrink an ISO file (it’s actually a data file, not DVD video or any other video format) from a DL to a SL one. Can anyone confirm that the programs mentioned above can actually shrink a data ISO to fit onto a SL disc? This is also my preferred solution, since SL discs cost less than 10% of a DL layer one - making the DL a very poor proposition in terms of value for money in storage terms!


Ok, I mentioned DVD Shrink under the assumption that it was DVD Video data. The programs mentioned cannot help in any way with normal data. Obviously you could burn the data to two discs instead of 1, of course at the cost of convenience. ANY data can be compressed using an archiving compression format such as ZIP or RAR (7z is a format that is even more efficient when it comes to compressing many files, but it’s very time-consuming to compress and decompress). Some data can be compressed a large amount, some can only be compressed slightly. Depending on the data, using RAR or ZIP may be capable of compressing the files to the point of fitting to a SL disc but I don’t know if this would realistically be a convenient solution for you or not.


Thanks for the reply, scoobiedoobie. I too, doubt that ZIP or RAR would be a convenient solution for the reasons you mentioned. The main reason being that the ISO decompresses, when written, to an installer disc (it’s a very large program).

It looks that because of this, my only choice would be to burn it to a DL layer, unless someone else has other ideas. Or perhaps just mount the image with Daemon Tools, install from there, and simply save the ISO to a hard disk somewhere, which would be a much more cost efficient solution than burning it to a DL disc.


where r u that u can’t buy Verb media? just curious! cuz Verbs are what you want for DL burns. IMO


When you shrink 3 or even 4 hours Video to fit in to SL DVDE disc you can’t hardly notices any reduce quality of DVD Vedio with nacked eys.


I’m in Malaysia :cool: . I’ve not seen Verbatim DLs in any of the shops I frequent. Loads of “normal” Verbatim DVDs though, just none of the DL variety. The only DLs I’ve seen here are from HP and Panasonic, as mentioned above. And of course buying online is not an intelligent proposition, the shipping costs will outweigh the cost of the media! :stuck_out_tongue:


Check the country that the Panasonic discs are made in - if they’re made in Singapore they would be MKM (Verbatim) discs. Panasonic generally uses very good media, though my guess would be RICOHJPN discs - RICOHJPN SL discs are usually good, but DL RICOHJPN is average at best from results I’ve seen.