Burning a song from a CD

I have a Blaster CDRW and I want to burn a workout CD. I’m having problems with an audio CD that I purchased for one song. When I open the CD in my burner all is see is tantric.dir and a starthere.exe. There are no songs for me to burn. Is there a way around this?

I hate the idea that I spent 13.00 on a CDROM for one song and I can’t even get it to my own compiled CD. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

seems like a multi-session cd (cd with both audio and data track(s)) to me. Try using a audio grab tool like AudioGrabber to extraxt the track(s) as wave files to your HD. You van also use most burning software (eg. CDRWin, NERO or Adaptect Easy CD Creator) for this purpose…


:wink: Eric