Burning a slideshow



Hello again.

I recently made a slideshow using some new software that came with my computer. I have it saved in a .wmv format. I would like to burn it onto a dvd+r but cant seem to find the answer on the appropriate way to do that. Could someone please assist me? It’s probably a very simple process that i’m overlooking but I cant seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.


DVD+R is just a media disc, if your software is able to produce playable discs with your slideshow it shouldn’t be a problem.
You can burn the slideshow to DVD+R as a data disc and play it clicking on the .wmv file or when you insiert the disc in the PC drive, if you create the appropriate autorun file.


This I am aware off. I should have mentioned I want to make it to play in my DVD Player. Sorry.


If your software is capable of outputting MPEG2 instead of WMV, that would be preferable and would simplify conversion to DVD-video. Given your current format, you need to use an authoring program to create DVD-video. Depending on the program, you might need to convert the WMV to MPEG2 first.


thank you. do you recommend any programs?