Burning a single iso image to different cds


    I just downloaded a torrent from isohunt.com which contains a iso image file having size more that 850 MBs. I want to write this iso file to two different cds. How can i do it and which software i have to use. Plz help

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The answer is related to the contents of that ISO. Some contents can’t be splitted without damage the ISO itself.

What is the contents of that ISO file?

You could use WinRAR to compress and split the image.

Thanks for you quick resopnse.

This file contains a very popular game Max Payne who’s image file is about 850 MB. Can i burn this image to different disks and like office 2003 setup cds it may ask me to insert second cd when required. What can i do with this image file.

You won’t get any information here about downloaded games, if they don’t come from legal sources.

ammy, please read the forum rules. We don’t provide help to make illegal copies of copyrighted software. :cop:

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