Burning a serie to dvd


i’v got a question. i’v got a serie on my pc.
i’v got it of the collection box my brother bought for me.
now i want to put the serie on a dvd. (all avi with xvid codec)
but when i do so and i insert the disk in my dvd player
he plays all the episodes in one time.
he plays one right after the other. without leaving a pause or return to the menu.
if you look away for a second you dont know its already the next episode.

so how do i fix this? how do i add the pauses between the episodes?
or force to go back to the menu after every episode?

Thx for the help, it would help me out bigtime.
Grtz, euros

Since when does pressed VideoDVDs contain avis??

since avi’s encoded with xvid codes are waaaay smaller.

i can the four dvd’s who where original
onto two with xvid.
(if its not allowd to ask questions about xvid or divx than please remove the question)

only problem is the one i explained above…