Burning a self-bootable game disc .cu + BIN



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I’ve always been the classic sega gamer, and a little while back i found myself a saturn. I am a bit stuck. I’ve downloaded “Sonic Jam” and I haven’t been able to burn a working version of it.
I’ve searched the net for ways to burn the game’s .cue and BIN files, and I’ve been told many ways of overcoming this problem; my friends told me to burn it with Alcohol120%, burning as a mixed disc in WINCDR, and some say to burn it as a CD+G disc. None have worked.

When I put the game into the console, it went to the default screen and played the actual game music files, as if it was a music cd. This wasn’t right. I’ve read recently in many forums on the net about 'Self bootable discs" and after understanding how it is the games are read on the system, I think it’s worthwhile knowing how to burn a self-bootable disc.

Apparently, the first recording of the disc has to be the game file. The saturnreads it, and starts launching it. Then, it reads the security code. The reason mine wont start is because they wont start themselves. I NEED HELP!

SO anyone who knows anything about this opic, I will be forever grateful. :bow: :bow:



I could be wrong, but if the BIN file you downloaded was not created to be a bootable image, then I don’t know how you could convert it. The BIN file contains everything that is to be put on the CD-R in the main channel. If the BIN you downloaded does not have the boot info, then you are probably out of luck. Maybe this bootable disc issue is not the actual problem.