Burning a Seasons worth of TV shows on to a DL dvd

Ok i have download 22 episodes of a TV show that i missed and they are all in avi format the total amount is about 5.5 GB worth of AVI. But when i go to burn them on a DL DVD it will only allow me to burn 6 episodes. I use Nero Vision so it converts them to Video TS. IF there is any way that i can fit the 22 avi files on to a DL DVD,

Maybe burn them as data files rather than video files??

In Nero Vision, what are you giving as a bitrate (quality) for the encoding?

Sample format: Automatic
Audio format: Automatic
Encoding mode: Fast Encoding (1-Pass)

Number of titles: 1

  1. Eragon (Video Title, 1h 44m 00s)
    Video mode: NTSC
    Aspect ratio: 4:3
    Quality: Standard play (5073 kbps)
    Resolution: 704 x 480 (D1)
    Audio SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %
    Video SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %

Number of menus: 1

  • Main menu (1 page)

this was in the detail section just before i click Burn

this is my DVD burner is a Sony RW DW G120A i was told this was a DL dvd burner but then when i tried to burn a DL DVD ( by burning on 1 side then flipping the disc over to burn on the other side which is how someone else told me how to burn a DL DVD) Oh and another problem i am having atm when i click on My Computer my dvd drive says DVD-RAM Drive but when i put a DL Dvd or just a regular DVD in it DVD_RAM changes to CD Drive and i get an error message like E drive (DVD RAM drive) is not accessable when i try to open it to see what is on the disc

DL doesn’t mean DOUBLE SIDED!!

Just to clarify a little what others have said, a dual layer disk has a semi transparent recording layer, and another recording layer under it. There are two recording layers, but they are read and or written from one side of the disk.
The reason that it would only allow 6 episodes is that you were trying to convert it to dvd format, which converts the avi to mpeg 2. Standard dvd video format can only use mpeg formats. You can burn it as a data disk as suggested, and it will burn the files as avi files, but dvd players will not play it (unless it is a multi format dvd player that plays that particular kind of avi file). It will however be playable on your computer and you can read the files off it, no problem.
If you want it to be playable on normal dvd players, you will have to convert to dvd format, and it is normal for the file size to grow substantially like that. mpeg 2 is an older format that does not have the high quality compression that newer/better avi formats have, but that is what you have to use with standard dvd video format for normal standalone players to use it. As mentioned, you can reduce the bitrate to get more video, but if you try to fit that much video on a single disk, it may be at the cost of a severe loss in video quality. Normally you can just keep adding video files, and nero will ask you if you want to reduce quality (bitrate) to allow it to fit. If you reduce it enough times, I think the final time or two it will cut the resolution in half too.

A DS DVD would be a DVD10, a DVD5 on each side.
It is also called flipper and rarely available yet.