Burning a OS ISO (for CD) to a DVD

I have a backup of my Windows XP 64-bit CD and I have it in a ISO, the original CD is, sadly, scratched, and sadly, I’m hecka poor right now, and I don’t have any blank CD’s laying around (I know it’s like 100 for $20 =P). I do however have a BUNCH of blank DVD’s.

Here’s what’s going on, I’m wondering if burning a ISO that is meant to be burned onto a CD, onto a DVD may cause problems with being bootable?
I’m not sure, and I’m trying to just burn it right now, but the reason I ask, is that back in the day, with Nero, I remember having some sort of problems with burning a Bootable CD iso to a DVD. But, I was a complete “n00b” back then, and it might have just been me =].

I burned the ISO as it was straight to a DVD using ImgBurn, and now, it’s verifying, and all looks good, after, I’ll reboot and see if it will boot from the DVD =].
Any input would still be loved to clear this up, or maybe a link if I have overlooked a topic (The few I looked into were unclear).

Imgburn has the option to create a bootable disk, yes? Anyway, if what you are trying now works, great. By the way, you don’t have to boot the XP disk in order to install it, you can just click on the setup.exe file.

Imgburn will have no problem making the iso file.

You should have no problem booting from it as long as you have a dvd player in your system.

If your ISO file was created correctly, you can just burn it to DVD with a proper ISO burning program such as ImgBurn and the DVD will be just as bootable as the CD, provided you use it in a DVD drive of course.

Some other burning programs might complain or refuse to burn a CD ISO image to DVD media, but this will be done transparently by ImgBurn.