Burning a nero image with Alcohol 120%

I have a Nero .nrg file that is a backup of a game. Using Alcohol 120% with default settings, I can mount the image and everything runs like it should. When I tried to burn this image, the resulting CD was a 700MB audio file. I used the “Normal CD” template to do the burn.

When looking at the properties of the disc in Alcohol it shows:

Session: 1
Track: 1
Mode: Audio
Address: 000000
Length: 324041 (726.8 MB)

I was wondering what settings I have to use to get this to burn as a proper data CD if it is at all possible. I would assume so because it can be mounted but I would like any sort of help.

Thank you.

Why not just make a fresh image either from your original cd or from the mounted image (since it works) and proceed from there?