Burning a Movie

Good evening all,

I was looking for some help if possible please. I am completely new to Movie buring etc and was looking for some help if possible. Firstly I have got a movie I wish to put to DVDr however when looking around the only disc size I can see is 4.7gb, whereas the movie I have is bigger and longer than the disc allows 120mins?! Whats the next step?

  1. I do not yet have a Movie burner software etc, havent got a clue what I need to get? Any help?

Thank you for your help

Current movie wanting to burn (if it helps)

Length: 1:33:02
Size 799mb
Type > Video clip

Welcome to CDF’s:

If it’s 799mb it will fit on a DVDR/RW. Just a tad to big for a CD-R (700mb).

You can use ImgBurn for free to burn it www.imgburn.com

As Bob said your 799mb file will fit nicely onto a DVD, but if your standalone player isn’t capable of playing an avi then you’ll have to convert it with something like DVD Flick (free). Here is a guide ~ http://club.cdfreaks.com/f59/dvd-flick-basic-guide-228005/

yeah i keep forgetting that as i have a Divx/DVD/USB player…

Thank you for your help just a quick question again if you dont mind, if it fits why do they only say 4.7gb/120mins? Thank you ! Also I am prepared to pay for a good DVD burner software, is there one that stands out or is the free program just as good?
Thanks again

P.S Just double checking my laptop can burn DVDS it has

DVD Multi Recorder
Compact disc rewritable
DVD Rw writable on the side


You have a what is called a Divx file i believe and they are a shrunk down type file in a different format than a DVD.

As far as an app to use…we need more info on what you need. If you want to backup your DVD’s or what. Remove copy protection etc…

Need more info on your drive in your lappy. What does it say it is in the Device Manager?

Thanks for your quick reply, litereally I want the app to just burn the film to disc, ntohing else :slight_smile: Also how did you know it was a Divx file, clever stuff !

Just looked in Device Manager & only thing under DVD/CD Rom devices is:


? Means nothing to me lol !

Use what LOCOENG suggested if you want to play it on your stand alone DVD player for your TV. Use Verbatim brand DVD’s.

If you want to play it on pc only then burn it with ImgBurn. or just use a free Divx player to play the file.

Thank you for your help Bob :slight_smile: appreciated

Where is the best place to buy Verbatim brand

SAMS Club, Best Buy and several other local retailers should carry Verbatims.

As for free vs pay, I use both. If you are just starting out I would suggest starting with freeware and then as you progress you can look at payware that might have different features that you are looking for. All in all just about anything you want to do can be done with freeware though.

Good luck!

Thank you for your advice, Lastly how long roughly will say a 988mb movie take ?

Thanks once again

It all depends on how fast your computer is. I have a quad core system and it takes me around 20 minutes now as opposed to 1.5-2 hours on my old system.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem good luck and happy burning. :slight_smile:

Success, :slight_smile: works perfectly

Been a great help folks, really appreciate it !

[QUOTE=KirbyBirch;2119537]Success, :slight_smile: works perfectly

Been a great help folks, really appreciate it ![/QUOTE]Well alright! Glad we could be of help and thank you for coming back to tell us.