Burning a movie using decrypter

hello friends. after extracting a movie, the file does not come up as an img file. it comes as the nero gold disc. when i try burning the movie using decrypter, it says that the file is an unsupported image file. how do i change it so that after extracting, it comes up as an img file instead of the nero gold disc so i can burn it using decrypter?
thanks for the help.


If you’re using Dvd Decrypter to rip the movie, rip in iso read mode. You 'll then have 2 files, an .iso file (the image file) and an .mds file (a control file). Load the image for burning into Dvd Decrypter (or ImgBurn) using iso write mode from the .mds file.

[Note: you’ll need a dual layer blank dvd if the original disc is a dvd9.]