Burning a mix with multiple mp3s

I want to combine a number of MP3s into a single audio CD mix without the gaps, what is the best way to do this? I’ve used Nero to burn the CD without the default 2-second gap, but there is still a noticeable gap in between tracks. (About a .3 second gap.) Basically I want the audio CD to sound like one long, continuous song but still have multiple tracks… kinda like the Enigma albums. Any suggestions?

Also just for you guys to know, I’ve managed to burn a perfectly gapless cd before with Nero, but it was with just one large mp3 file. (What I did was convert that mp3 into a wav file and make a cue file, then I burned it on Nero using DAO96.) The extra mp3s is whats making it more confusing for me.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

From Feurio:
"This is caused by the MP3-format:
The mp3-format is a kind of compression with some loss of data, i.e. not the whole samples are stored, but - expressed in a simple way - some kind of “frequency curves”, i.e. the mp3-encoder analyses a certain range of data and then stores the “frequency curves” for this range.
If now e.g. a live recording is stored in parts - one part in the first file, the following part in the second file - and compressed to the mp3-format, the encoding process is resetted for the second file - so the frequence curves (the end of the first file and the beginning of the second) don’t match exactly.
In addition most mp3-files are “frame orientated”, i.e. the encoder sometimes adds empty samples to the end of a file to get a whole frame at the end.

To put it together: Unfortunately it is not possible to always reconstruct the original data 100%-ly out of two mp3-files, that contain parts of continuous data.
If you want to work with continouos data, you must save all tracks into ONE mp3-file or use the wave-format."

So, the silences are “inside” the MP3 file. You can’t avoid them with only setting pauses to zero. You need to edit the files.
And then you can’t use Nero to burn, you must use something like Feurio, that can burn tracks not multiple of a CD-DA sector.
The easiest way for me is using Feurio Track Editor. Simply select the position of the start and end (with the help of zoom) and press “Set start/end position”.
The project settings must be configured to “Do not insert pauses between tracks - round track markers”.
This editor is non-destructive, so the original files are not modified.

If you encode with the latest LAME.EXE versions and decode with Foobar2k, you will get a WAV exactly as long as the original WAV, so you can burn directly without worrying. In this case, you can use Nero, but not if you edit the files.

Yeah, I figured that would be the case but are you saying it would be impossible to create a (perfectly) continuous mix from multiple mp3s? I was thinking about either converting the songs into wav and then editing them or combining all the mp3s to make a single large song file and editing it, making a cue for it, etc.

are you saying it would be impossible to create a (perfectly) continuous mix from multiple mp3s?

No. Feurio only warns that the curves at the end and start of tracks aren’t exactly equal. (For continuous playing you only need to remove silences).
I can’t notice that difference, and I am happy enough when removing the silences.

Delete those silences and see if you like it.

Originally posted by minix
Delete those silences and see if you like it.

This is probably a dumb question, but I’m guessing I’d use Feurio to remove the silences and to burn the mix?

Edit: Nevermind, I thought that one post above was a signature when it turned out to be you showing me what I could do…

Stupid me. :bigsmile:

Delete the silences with anything you’re comfortable (Feurio is very fast using “set start/end of track” in Track Editor once you’ve learnt it).

But if you use Nero to burn you’ll lose a bit of the end of the track.
Other programs add a bit of silence, and Feurio does it correctly.

Decode to WAV first due to a little visualization bug in Track Editor.

Feurio seems to be a very powerful audio editor, but as I started the program in the beginning the program said that theres a chance that my cd-writer (Iomega cd-rw) might not be compatable with the program. Should I stop trying to edit the tracks? Or should I just keep going?

check if your writer is supported here:

if it’s not supported, then you can try the generic mmc, raw mmc or SCSI/ATAPI-3 generic drivers with a CDRW disc to make sure you can burn correctly.

what’s your drive?

Yeah, it doesn’t have direct support for my cd burner, but I’m gonna try the generic mmc and hope it works. I use my E drive as the cd-rom drive. Clone cd takes up my D drive.

Thats what you asked right?

yes, what drive is it?

if you rightclick in feurio on a songs (you need wavs in this case) you can choose; link to the previous song…i forgot the exact name. Now the next song is connected to the previous song

Haven’t tried it yet, but isn’t the Dibrom-Nyaochi LAME (3.90.3) encoder supposed to give cuesheet support so that gaps are nullified when used with programs like Burrrn? Rumour…?


If you encode with LAME.EXE and decode with Foobar2k, you will a WAV file exactly as long as the original WAV.
I don’t know if Burrrn or any cuesheet will work as well…

@damiandimitri, if you link the songs, then you still have to delete the small silences that MP3 tracks have at the start and end.

hmm…even with waves??..i thought i linked some songs with succes…perhaps i was lucky or didn’t notice it

don’t know if burrnn can do it…i used it a lot…but i never looked that close at gaps

by the way…last week there was a new version of burrnn released

Originally posted by damiandimitri
even with waves??..i thought i linked some songs with succes…perhaps i was lucky or didn’t notice it

Not with WAVes.
WAVs extracted from CD have the same information as the CD.
If you use the “link” option, you’ll get no pauses between them.

But not with MP3 (use “Set end position” to delete the small silence).

In this case I converted the mp3 files to wavs. It completely got rid of the silence and then I just burned it on DAO with EZCD. I’m definitely keeping Feurio though, and I think LAME and Foolbar2k might be useful too.

Originally posted by worldspy2k
In this case I converted the mp3 files to wavs. It completely got rid of the silence and then I just burned it on DAO with EZCD.

The problem is that EZCD will add small silences to the end of tracks (or maybe deletes the end like Nero).
It’s only 13 miliseconds as maximum, so it’s difficult to hear, but you can “see” it if you rip the burned CD.

Feurio fills the last sector with music of the following track.

isn’t it possible to use sonic foundry and mix the mp3s directly…

i did a trance cd that way… works fine


definitely keeping Feurio though, and I think LAME

you can use LAME with Feurio instead of the default mp3-codec

ty for explaining

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is supposed to remove the silence from the start and end of tracks, including the silence added at the end of mp3s.