Burning a home movie took 6 hrs. Can it be faster?

Another newbie question:

I have Benq 1620 (b7p9) with Nero OEM (upgraded to the latest release). I burnt a 1 hr 30 min home movie onto a Sony DVD-R (4x). The original file was in avi format. It took almost 6 hrs for the burn (using NeroVision Express 3) to take place. During this time, I left my PC alone (so it was only doing the burn).

Is there a faster way to burn home movies than the 6 hrs? Also, if I need to burn multiple copies of the same movie, can the time for the second dvd be reduced in Nero Vision Express?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

nero wasen`t just burning the avi it had to convert it to dvd format first thats why it took so long. and you can burn more copys for that disc or using the video_ts folder that nero vision express 3 created of your original avi.

Burn it as DATA, should only take a few mins and be fine to view on computers, and home DVD players that play divx etc.

Thanks, cville.

I did not know any details about divx. After your post, I did some research. I am now going to convert all my home movies to divx. I will also buy Philips DVP642 player. However, I still have to burn DVDs for my parents who do not have divx player.

BTW: What is the compression ratio for avi to divx conversion. My home movie AVI files occupy about 13GB for each hour.

I did as you recommended. The conversion took about 6 hrs. The burn to Sony DVD-R 4x took 15 minutes. Thanks.

Nero is very slow at encoding. Use a program like Winavi. This converts the movie in almost real time on my xp1800 processor. It would take even less time if you have a better processor. A 1 hour 30 mins movie would take about 1 hour 40 mins on my system to convert

I had the same problem using Benq DW1620 and Nero Vision Express. The rendering for an 1 hour mpeg video took more than 5 hours and still at it. I duly stopped it. So I tried another old DVD software - Sony’s MyDVD I had years ago and rendering/burning took less than 2 hours. However, the DVD turned out jerky in some parts. Perhaps Nero is rendering an exceptionally high quality DVD and that is why it is taking jurassic time …