Burning a good test DVD - DTS and DD test scenes?


I’d like to create a test DVD with a few chapters from select movies. I’d like to make sure the chapters are perfect and have both DTS and Dolby sound tracks to compare them. I’m not sure if this is possible to do with simple software but would like to know if anyone has a good solution.

I’d like to take a couple of chapters from 5th element - taxi and diva scene
I’d like to take a chapter from master and commander - beginning fight

Probably a scene from Blade Trinity - suggestions welcome
Probably a scene from one of the LOTRs - suggestions welcome

Probably a scene from Galaxy Quest - suggestions welcome

I’d love to have one disc to compare audio samples of a few different DTS and DD scenes without having to change the DVDs or bring all those DVDs with me to the store. Is it possible to make such a disc with “standard software”? I currently have the latest nero, dvd43 and 1clickpro.


PS - those movies have DTS, DTS full bit and DTS 6.1- and I have the original discs. I have quite a few DVDs (98% original) so if you can recommend movies with different DD formats I should copy I would greatly appreciated it!

Sorry if this has been covered before - no idea what to search for. If there is some other software that is simple to use that I should be using instead, please let me know.