Burning a gi file to a DVD



I Have a 1.7 gig gi file that I want to convert to iso, or whatever, so that I can burn it onto a DVD.

I have Nero 6 and Alcohol 120%. Iv’e just tried for 3 hours and failed.

Thanks in advance for help.




Using Prassi Primodvd seems very straightforward, except Prassi do not support this anymore (no links on Google) any ideas ?


dvd decrypter can burn gi images


I downloaded DVD decrypter, and burned the gi file directly to a DVD, but that did not work either, when played on my chipped PS2.

Also tried converting gi file to iso with nero and then burning to a DVD with both Nero and Alcohol 120, but that did not work either.

Source file is PS2 Torrent of Pro evo soccer 4 from elitewebt3, I am begining to think there could be problem with that.