Burning a DVD


I’m wondering if there is a burning software that can allow me to make my own menus and add different subtitles language; I tried to use “sonic mydvd”, and it let me create menus, however I can’t add subtitles.

There are other programs that allow me to add subtitles but not create interactive menus.

For example: I want to burn a movie that I downloaded already, and I want to have menus with the following options:

1- Play movie
2- Subtitles
3- Scene selection

If the software can allow me to add music samples for every menu, it will be great, however that is not a problem I can live with the sample audio on the main menu and on the submenus, however I do want to add more than one subtitle option.

Thank you in advanced.

What about the trial versions of software that were suggested to you in the other thread:


The dvd architect does not allow me to add the subtitles, I don’t know why the option is not available; maybe it doesn’t work with srt files, but I don’t find which format I have to use, or if it only works for backin up a dvd.

I am trying to create my own dvd and add my own srt files as subtitles.

I already installed the dvd lab pro and I need to try it out, however I need something easy to use.

If you have any ideas let me know.

Thank you.