Burning a DVD with a larger capacity than 4,7 GB


I know that most of the DVD Movies are larger than 4,7 GB, but are there DVD writers that can write more than 4,7 GB ?
Everybody talks about wanting faster DVD writers but for me the most important issue is that the quality of a DVD movie stays the same as the original & that the copy includes all the extras.
So does anyone know which writers are capable of doing this at this time ?


this question isnt technical, so soon a mod will move it, and the answer is that the only DVD burners that can burn more than 4.7 gb are Dual Layer DVD burners, and they havent even been released, they are gonna be released on this year, so wait a while

Perhaps with some adroit keyboard-work we can change this into a technical discussion? :wink:

The issue of overburning DVD’s hasn’t been overdiscussed (ahem).

Does current software even support DVD overburning?

How many more MB can really be squeezed out of the different format of DVD’s?

Do +R’s overburn better or worse than -R? Why?

Is it technically possible to burn data at a higher density on standard discs (a-la HD-Burn or Plextor’s semi-equivalent offering)?

hehe dvd-r and dvd+r are basicaly the same :P, but overburning dvds, thats new :stuck_out_tongue: i dont know i dont even have a dvd burner

I first thought that there were DVD’s that have a larger capacity than 4,7 GB on one layer by using another kind of laser.
But after searching for info on the net I found out that a DVD can have a larger capacity by having 2 sides and/or 2 layers.

thx for the info oscarjf

btw aren’t these TECHNICAL specifications of a DVD burner (the option to write double layer DVD’s) ?