Burning a DVD that contains more then video (Software items)

Does anyone know how to successfully copy a dvd that has software on it (i think its InterActual) … I use dvd decrypter and shrink and then in explorer i copy and pasted the extra files to the shrunk directory (so there is a new directory with dvd shrink’s files (4.x GB) AND the extra content (like install.exe and autorun.exe) outside of the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.

I have tried twice (so far) … 1) will play in both, but doesn’t have 1/2 the content on it for some reason … and in the dvd player the menus are ok, but there is no “cursor” to select where you “want to go on the dvd” = this was with Nero and “DVD-Video” Mode

  1. Will not do anything on the dvd player, but is a-ok on the laptop. = With Nero and “DVD-ISO” Selected… the only issue was some of the videos were compressed too much (thats a whole different issue, that I know how to fix)

I usually burn DVD’s with “DVD Video” in Nero, but Nero will not allow the extra content, so for trial 2 i tried DVD ISO like a friend suggested…that didn’t work … I guess I Could try “DVD-ISO/UDF” … but do not want to keep wasting dvds here.

The DVD is actually Pirates of the Caribbean 1:Black Pearl’s Second DVD in the “2-DVD Colector’s Edition” set… Whether this or another DVD … has anyone successfully made a dvd with this extra content that plays on standalone players as well as “DVD-Roms” drives…

THE POINT I WANT is to make a single DVD … not two of the same disc (one for dvdroms and another for standalone players) … i would like this to be on a single DVD …

-Thanks in advance for any advice and help :slight_smile:

Have you looked in the DVD Copy forum?