Burning a dvd takes too long using nero 6.3

hi guys

i have a lg dual layer dvd burner and im using nero 6.3,it use to take me about 10-15 minutes to burn a dvd but now it take about an hour and sometimes even longer,even if i burn on 16x its still takes long.it burns the dvd comnplete with no errors message.i uninstalled the nero but it still giving me the same problem.i would really appreciate your help

Please post a log, you will find it in Program Files / Ahead / Nero / Nero History. Just copy & paste the last one in to a reply post here after removing your serial # from it.

It most likely is that your DMA is disabled. You probably had tried copying some scratched or defective DVDs and the drive reverted to PIO mode.

Check your DMA. :wink:

Check out this thread if you’re unsure as to how to check/fix it.

hi MBK

i have checked the DMA and its on “DMA if available” tested and its still burning slow

It’s the next line - Current Transfer Mode - that’s important.

i have downloaded the reset DMA tool and i will test and let u know.thanks

Also did you notice that your nero is outdated they have now avaliable on nero download site.

You do not say what burner you have or the make of the 16X disc you are now using. It could be that your burner is using an old firmware so that the burner does not have the burning strategy for these disc’s so that it reverts to a standard slower method of burning to maintain quality.

Make sure to:

  1. Defrag you hard drive
  2. Your Hard drive & burner are both in DMA position
  3. Delete all Internet Temp files in Temp folder
  4. You have enough space left free in your HD ( let’s say 10MB)