Burning a DVD takes over an Hour

When I burn a DVD it takes about an hour and a half. What is the problem?

My system:
Chip: Pentium 2.4 Ghz QuadCore
Memory: 4 Gig
DVD Burner: I have two - Samsung SH-S182 (with most up to date firmware)

I am using Nero 6.6.0. Nero says that it is burning at 8x but for it to get to 100% it takes an hour and a half. No errors show up. The burning is successful every time. Anyone got any ideas? It is annoying anytime I try and burn something.

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please make sure, DMA is enabled for your optical drives: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616


Two of my Devices have a Transfer Mode of DMA if avilable and a Current Transfer Mode of Ultra DMA Mode 5.
All of my other Devices have a Transfer Mode of DMA if avilabel and a Current Transfer Mode of Not Applicable.
I am assuming the two devices that say Ultra DMA Mode 5 are the DVD burners.

What are the potential risks with resetting it using that file you gave me the link to?


These are your Harddisks.
Samsung IDE burners support “only” UDMA 2.

All of my other Devices have a Transfer Mode of DMA if avilabel and a Current Transfer Mode of Not Applicable.
What are the potential risks with resetting it using that file you gave me the link to?
You have another problem. Your drives might be connected to a 3rd party IDE controller (possibly additional chip soldered onto the mainbboard).
Please try to find out, what controller your burners are connected to and report back.


Both Drives are on the same IDE cable going to the IDE1 port (the only IDE port on the board) on the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-965P-s3)

Is this IDE port connected to the intel chipset of your mainboard or does this belong to a 3rd party onboard IDE controller?
Run Nero InfoTool, this should reveal that information.


I launched the InfoTool but am not sure what tab to look under and what to look for to find out where it is connected to.

I attached a picture of one of the tabs. Is it the correct one?

Here’s the file

Can you just clarify what you mean by burning a DVD.

Are you using Nero Express , Nero Vision or Nero Burning ROM?

When I launch the program I go to Nero SmartStart, click on Favorites, then click on Make Data DVD. The program it launches is Nero Express, which was bundled with the burners.
When the Nero express window pops up, I drag and drop my files into the window and click Next. From there I select the drive I am burning to, writing speed is set to 8x, i don’t select multisession disc and i don’t verify data after being burned. After that I hit burn and it burns slowly.

Okay. Seems to be a Jmicron controller, I suspected that :). Please read this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=189057 and see if there is a solution that works for you.

I read the post but am not sure exactly what I am suppose to do.

I think I figured out the problem. I always burn two full 4+ gig DVDs at the same time and it takes about 1.5 hours to burn them. I tried only burning one at a time and it took each DVD about 10 minuets to burn. Apparently the IDE cable doesn’t like handling that much data at once. The total time to burn each cd is now right at 8 min. Thanks for your help and suggestions though.

Actually, it’s the IDE interface (or more specifically, a single IDE channel) that does not like to do two things at the same time. Even if you use another cable or another IDE controller, you will still run into the very same problem if you try to use two IDE burners for burning simultaneously.

Does the same problem occur with SATA devices?

Less so, since SATA allows only one device per channel.

With either IDE or SATA, using two burners simultaneously for burning will take more than double the time it takes for one burner to burn that same set of data or video. I had tested this several months ago when I had two IDE burners on separate IDE channels.

Thanks again for all the help and info.

Tell those computer companies to up their technology.


Not necessarily so. It depends on the source, so if you burn to 2 separated burners from 2 drives that aren’t sharing an IDE channel or are SATA then the burn time will be almost unaffected. Obviously if it’s from the same HDD or the HDDs share a channel then this will considerably impact on the burn times.