Burning A dvd-r problem

I have a Pioneer A05 and a LG cdr-w. I can burn cdrs but when I go to burn dvd’s they won’t burn. I choose the image I want to burn, then I choose the burner. It asks for the blank dvd-r. I put the blank dvd-r in the burner it says it is initializing,it says it is a blank dvd, but the window stays open and there is a counter that just keeps counting. I let it count for over a minute but it never starts. It is the latest version of Alcohol 1.9. Please help! Thankyou :bow:

does it say Empty Disc (DVD)

Yes it says “Empty Disc” I reinstalled Alcohol 120% and it still won’t burn a dvd. Though I can burn one with Nero.

If it says Empty Disc (DVD) then the Image that you are trying to burn is a CD Image put CD Blank Media in your Burner and it will work.

So that is why. I have been trying to burn a cd image on a dvd!!! DOH! Thankyou

Hello, I have been trying the same thing with the DVD-r but now I can not put it on a CD-r as the file is to big. How can I burn this image? it is a cue file. can not burn with nero, or dvd shrink, or decryptor, so please help.