Burning a DVD? + or -?

which is the better allround, movie, data Format? The + or the -?

Thank you very much

Doesn’t really matter these days. Providing it’s quality media either are fine. Use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
The only possible issue is +R media should be bitset to DVD-ROM for higher compatibility with DVD players. Personally I’ve not met this problem.

If your burner allows bitsetting then the most compatable would be the +Rs with the booktype changed to ROM. :slight_smile:

I agree

I disagree, -Rs are the most compatable with the many players I have access to, +Rs even when bitset aren’t. Simple just try one of each type, making sure you use good quality, and see which works for you.

who cares???:slight_smile:

apparently a LOT of people since this gets asked about once a month…

Define “better” :slight_smile:

Durability: doesn’t matter
Compatibility: + Booktype
Purchasing Cost: -
Maximum capacity: +

That puts it all in a nutshell. Best answer to this question I’ve seen! :bow: