Burning a DVD on a dual layer disc


I have some questions about burning a commercial dvd movie onto a DL disk. I am using:

  1. MacTheRipper to rip the full disk
  2. then Toast 7 Titanium to burn (in DVD-ROM UDF mode)
  3. with a Pioneer A09 external firewire drive - latest Buffalo firmware
  4. disc brand is Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM001)
  5. OS version is OSX 10.3.9

After ripping, I have the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders under the main folder with the name of my movie title. I drag that folder into Toast 7 and hit burn.

-Does this process sound correct to the experts out there?
-Does anyone have a recommendation for what is the best software to use?
-How does the burned disk know where the layer change should be?

My trial disk using the above method played perfectly in my iBook’s DVD-ROM drive, but had trouble in my living room’s DVD player. It would only play the movie if I go into “Scene Selection” from the opening menu and picked the 1st chapter. It will not play by simply selecting “Play Movie” from the opening menu.

Also, it will play until what I believe is the layer change, then freeze. The only way to watch the rest would be to pick the next chapter from the “Scene Selection” menu again.

The last troubling thing is that the 2nd layer seems to have a lot of burn errors. I’m not sure what kind, but the video would freeze quickly, pixelate, skip ahead a little, then continue. Very strange.

Anyway, I know I have a lot of questions here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of movies, and I would like to backup the really long ones with full video quality without compression.

Thanks in advance for helping!

Honestly if you ask me i’d use ImgBurn/dvddecrypter or clonecd for DL backups, it preserves the original layer break.

I agree with rapid fire! I have a Sony dual layer drive. As you, I also use Verbatim DVD+R DL disks. ImgBurn/dvddecrypter are the decrypting and burning softwares I use for my movies. I’ve had no problems playing recorded movies anywhere.
If possible the software preserves the original layer break. If not it tries to put it in the most descrete(sp) place at the time of the layer break. (I don’t make the software so I don’t know how they do it, they just do.) I believe you will always have a pause at the layer break, but it should not be so long that it bothers you or you have to select the second half. It should be a wee bit brief and continue the second half automatically.

Oh, sweet! I didn’t know I can use these softwares for a Mac. I’ll check out Img Burn and DVD Decrypter and see what I can do. Any advice before I make an amature mistake?

Thanks a lot!

Ok, after getting my hopes up, it appears that neither Img Burn nor DVD Decrypter are for Macs. Did I miss something? Any other advice?

buy a pc.

If you can’t get or don’t want to get a pc maybe you can try a search engine to find a mac or compatible version of ImgBurn or DVDDecryper, but I don’t beleive there are any. Maybe just search for “mac dual layer burning software” or variations of this. You’ll have to do your homework to find the best for your needs and os.

MacTheRipper seems to be such a tool, mentioned in post #1.