Burning a DVD MP3



Ok i have seen this has been asked before but not seen an answer to my query if i am mistaken please point me in the right direction.

I am trying to burn a DVD with MP3 files to play in my car. My head units can play MP3 and also has the DVD audio / video symbol on so am pretty sure the laser can read a DVD. I can only burn the disc as a data disc (even in media player?) but when i insert it into the head unit i get a read error. Is there anything special i need to do to burn the disc? I have tried through Windows media player and through the bog standard windows burner option in the window explorer window and both have the same result.


No reason to assume that because your player supports DVD-V/A discs that it can also read a DVD-ROM. Consult the owner’s manual. And you can try a CD-ROM with files on it too.


I know my car stereo won’t play a DVD data disc.
You need to use a CD -R as the data disc.
It will hold 7 to 9 commercial Audio CDs converted to .MP3s.

I’ve went past this as my car stereo can also use a USB flash drive up to 2GB.
I use a Micro SD card with a card reader adapter . This is very small . It usually takes me several days to listen to all of one card. If you are in your car for several hours a day it won’t take you as long . Still several hours & you can carry several cards easily . It only takes seconds to change a card.