Burning a downloaded music file

Does anybody know how to burn a music file that has some sort of copying protection that won’t allow you to burn it onto a cd.I downloaded a file from napster by Ja Rule named put it on me Featuering LiL MO and Vita.I tried to burn it onto a cd but only the first few words of the song were burned on the cd.I see that the frequency for that song file is 16000.Frequency for my other files is 44100.I’m using easy cd creator deluxe 4.02.Thanks!

Maybe you could try to do that with nero, i always use nero and have no problem with it.

Jup…go for Nero…


here’s what i would do…

  1. use winamp to export the song into .wav file format. all exported .wav files by winamp are 44.1k.
  2. then burn the song using nero.
  3. it should work, so enjoy!

Within Nero it is possible to select MP3 files and burn them directly as an Audio CD.

Choose new cd, select Audio CD and then select the MP3 files you want on the audio cd.

As from Nero 5 this has always worked perfectly for me. Haven’t experienced any problems or clicks when playing back the audio.

But the method describved by Squage wors perfectly as well, though I would advise Nero, since it can all be done in one program, which makes it easier for you.

I just have to agree NERO

Need a copy? go here:


never heard of it

you’ve never heard of Nero Burning ROM??? their official website is here. i suggest you go there and read up on this great program. it can burn almost anything you need or want to burn!

blessed are those … of mind (forgot the exact saying) :wink:

It is good that you have found CD Freaks, here you’ll learn a lot about backing up cds. Nero can copy almost everything. Special cds who have more sophisticated copy protections can be backed up with Clone CD (www.elby.de)

On the CD Freaks mainpage you can keep yourself up to date concerning the latest updates or new software on this subject…

And tell your friends :smiley:

oh yeah, definitely tell your friends! :smiley: :smiley:

As you said yourself it yourself the file didn’t resemble the 44.1 khz for a cd so you have to convert it first. I’m afraid nero isn’t capable of burning a mp3 with not 128 kb/s and 44.1 khz sampling range. So you have to use as aid before winamp or convert it with a audio prog like cooledit or mp3towav

You can use feurio 1.60, this version accepts ALL types of Wave or mp3 files and automatically converts them into CD format. The conversion is carried out “on-the-fly” when burning the files. This audio burning app is very easy to use.
So I would say give it a try.

I don’t know why…but But feurio’s the best!! hee.hee^^

I’ve burned few CD’s with Feurio and it’s great!
It is kind of buggy closing all those pop-ups…but if you take time to read the message it really helps a lot! I have no idea who wrote this piece of art but you can really see how hard the authers worked on the program.

I say give it a try!