Burning a data DVD

I was wanting to burn some of my scrapbook pages and kits ( there are mostly Jpegs and PNGs) to a dvd instead of having a hundred cds, is this possible and what program would I need. I have a DVD+R

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If these data are really important for you, the first thing you must be sure is to have a high quality media.

Currently, only Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the best quality discs. All other brands have a highly variable quality from decent to ugly.

The next thing you need is a burning software. There are many available, so pick the one you like more. I can suggest the free and excellent ImgBurn.

Of course, you need also a DVD burner. Usually, installing latest firmware on the drive is the better option, because latest updates improves writing strategies.

Be sure to not attach sticky labels on the disc: these cause a lot of problems and can make a disc unreadable very fast.

Be sure also to store carefully your discs, away from sunlight and possibly each disc on a separate box (jewel cases are the best option, even if the most cumbersome).

Finally, if these data are really really important for you, make more than a single copy of the discs, so if something goes wrong, you still have a security backup.

I have a dvd burner on my computer and I have tons of verbatim dvd+r, where would I get a program that will allow me to burn data i will want to retreive at a later date, and burn it to a DVD?

Many burners are sold with a copy of a burning software included in the box.

However, any burning software can do the work.

The most diffused are Nero (not free), Roxio (not free), Imgburn (the one I suggest: excellent and free).

Okay I have downloaded and installed ImgBurn but am stuff as to what to do next. I go to browse for file and go to where my digital scrapbook kits are, in seperate folders, and nothing comes up. Any help would be great.

Writing a guide on how to use Imgburn in minutes is not really easy. Basically this is what you need to do

  1. Run ImgBurn and select Build mode from menu “Mode”.

  2. Check the option “Auto” as in the picture

  3. Select all files you want to include on your DVD (button 1)


  1. Select an entire directory (button 2)

  2. Continue the file/folder selection until the disc is full (see the indicator on the right)

  3. Select as output your burner (button 4)

  4. Select the “Device” tab and select the burning speed

  5. Press the burn button (button 5)

Thank you so much you have been incredibly helpful, I followed your instructions and am burning a DVD right now, lets hope I got it right.
Thanks again!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: