Burning a data DVD problems

Hi guys, I’m trying to back up my computers hard drives onto data DVDs using my Plextor PX-712a. I have Nero 6 (then), and because of the amount of problems, I have updated to Nero 7 Ultra. I am still am having problems burning Data DVD’s. I can use Nero to burn a audio CD no problem with my other drive (plex writer premium) and this one using Nero. I am using high quality Memorex 8X DVD -R’s and have lowered the speed all the way to 4X and that didn’t help. I was just wondering what is going on. I’m about ready to get another DVD drive because I have no idea what is going on. It used to burn these fine. There is no software on my computer interfering or anything like that to my knowledge. I have tired ISO’s Data DVD’s everything I can think of and it just won’t burn them. I have tried different DVD’s and nothing.

 Someone please help me.  Thank you, Andrew

Hi Andrew and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Memorex media are not so high quality.

Try a better disc like verbatim or taiyo yuden.

Exactly what problems do you have?

Does it actually complete the burn or fail, or is it that it just won’t burn at all? If it fails then post the error log as this will help those in the know help you more. If it won’t burn at all take us through the steps you go through upto the point where it won’t burn. I ask for clarification because to me won’t burn means it won’t even start the burn process, others may read it as failing part way through the burn.

One obvious thing is to make sure you choose DVD burner. I know it sounds strange, but in Nero my BenQ is listed as both a CD writer and a DVD writer seperately in the drop down menu. I didn’t notice this at first and was wondering why it was only giving CD size when I saw the drive listed. It bugged me through re-starting the prog and then the PC, it as only after looking more closely that I saw the seperate listings. Attached is a picture showing what I mean.

Thanks Geno, I’m going to try to get some higher quality DVD’s, I just read through the Plextor media list and I’m going to try some virbatiums. Thank you.

 It does start, but it won't complete the burn.  It only tries for a few minutes. It says error reported by output device.  It burns CD-R's with no problems, just on DVDs.

Your’re welcome :slight_smile:

Because of there are two separate lasers for CD and DVD, if you have problems with DVDs only, another possibility is that your drive can be damaged

The posting nero’s error log will be an advantage to get to the bottom of the problem. Not worth wasting better quality media if it is hardware or settings related.

Thanks, I can read, watch A DVD movie, no problem, it’s just when I try to write various ways that the problem occurs. It won’t burn a DVD at all, but it will read one just fine. Watched Saw 2 days ago.

Thanks Jay, it starts the burn process everything goes fine, and then sometime it just fails. I have the log printed off, it says:" Command Sequence error: All writers idle, stopping conversation: Conversation Idle, stopping reader: Last written address was 31: Burn Process Failed at 8X (11,080 KB/s)" The information I am trying to burn is on a hard drive, but I have multiple hard drives and it does the same thing no matter what hard drive. My computer is fine, no known issues or anything like that. DVD burner problem only. No internet connection to update or install firmware though. It doesn’t seem like that is the problem

Can you post the entire log?

Geno, Yeah, I’ll get some better DVD’s and I’ll try them. If it fails, I’ll save the log and post it. What I wrote was the last 5 entries.

Try it now, as it will be a waste to use good media and have it fail if the problem is hardware related. There should be an option to copy the log to clip board, use this and then just paste it into the post.

I agree with Jay :iagree:

Don’t waste good media; use one of these you already have to post the log

I figured it out, Thanks guys. It wouldn’t burn on the Memorex’s I have. I burnt a few so It must have been some bad DVD’s (like 15 or so). I bought some TDK-R 16X (all they had in TDK) and it’s been fine ever since. I wouldn’t have guesed Plextor’s where there picky on the disks you put in them. I guess they are. Thank you very much for your help though. CD freaks is awesome and has every thing you need, or you can just ask. Thanks again Jay and Geno I really appriciate it.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I still have a plextor 712A in one of my machines and it burns Verbatim DVD+R media very well. dont know how it does with Memorex since I wouldnt touch the stuff with a ten foot pole.

Sounds like the old 712 dying trick. Mine started making me slow down DVD until one day it went bye bye. Still burns cd’s like a bandit but no dvd anymore. Self test will confirm. In that test it’s only the drive and the disc. The rest of the system and software don’t play a roll.