Burning a CD?

I want to burn a CD with my floppydrive.
What program do I need? Easy CD Creator?

Napalm would be a good idea.

Be serious, especially you…as one of the crew obviously…

What the fuck?
Keep out of this, you newbie!
Or I will have Tax remove your accont!

Can’t take a joke anymore?

Originally posted by PHP
Can’t take a joke anymore?

You asked a question, so I gave an answer with the same level of intelligence/humour, so now, who can’t take a joke here :smiley:

A, then it’s okay.
Now I don’t have to ask Da_Taxman to remove your account from the forum…
-> Tax is The Forum Manager, that’s why i don’t do it myself… (although i would like to ;))

Are you the kind that always has to bring his ‘older brother’ when things don’t work the way you had planned, when you meet someone that is bigger than you? :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry, this is not a serious question.

Please refrain from these postings.

For jokes and other fun I refer to our Living Room.